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From one extreme to the other.
Hi all,  today i haven't gambled but i wanted to.  I thought for the second time in 24 hours that i am not doing it again.  Iam going to stop myself.  Similarly yesterday i wanted to gamble but put a block on my bank account so i couldn't.  The annoying thing was that yesterday two events occurred that i thought might happen.  Two predictions i had. 

I was frustrated when those two predictions happened.  So i thought what if i go for the third or next prediction.  I thought stuff it ,  i could go and do it.  However,  i once again stopped myself. On this occasion the prediction completely failed.  It was a disaster. I was minimally relieved.  I should have been hugy relieved.   Well i am now.  

Today i am not even going to check on the result of my supposed prediction.   If i know what the outcome is i may beat myself up and try to gamble again.  I realise the more i stay away from sporting events the better my life will be with my children and wife.  I would rather not know what trainer has won at Epsom or what rugby team has won on some handicap.  Sport destroys me.  They are all financially secure professional sports people and they dont have the financial worries that little people like us do. 

I am not going to look at sport anymore.  That is my goal now in life.

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