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i'm not sure if i have a gambling problem or not, i still live at home with parents so i dont have a great deal of bills to pay, so each payday i get the bills sorted out first and i have a few hundred left for the month to last me. my problem is i cant seem to spend that money on "normal things", DVD's i want, going out with friends to cinema etc, new clothes..i think to myself its a waste buying those things as once the money i have spare is gone, theres nothing left, so instead i decide to gamble the spare money i have to try and win so i can buy the luxury items i want. a few times this happens but more often than not i lose the money gambling and after i think, why the hell did i do that, i could have bought all these things i wanted if i didn't gamble this money, then its a long 4 weeks till next payday, for a day i think right, thats it no more gambling, but a day or two later or my time its payday again, i have that gambling feeling back and want to correct what happened last month, as i can't be unlcuky 2 months in a row......can i....? YES!

how can you get out of the way of thinking about money, and not able to just buy normal things without thinking its a waste spending it on those things!

(i am able to quit things as i haven't drank alcohol in over years and stopped eating sweats for 3 years, but gambling is the hardest thing i've come accross to quit, i think its the mentallity and money as mentioned above that stopping me)

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