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I've hit rock bottom, now it's getting better
In the past 2 years, I had a gambling problem, where i took out loan, 3 credit cards, and i have spent thousands on payday loans. now the bank Fraud squad has frozen my bank account, taken all my cards and chequebooks untill it is out of arrears. Although it is good because i cant spend any money, i have bills to pay, and they only way i can pay them is by selling stuff. i now have nothing left of value, and am having to sell anything i can find in my house to cash generator. although i am peased the bank have helped stopped me from getting myself into more debt with these payday loans, am so depressed because i've got no petrol for my car, which means i wont be able to go to college, work etc untill i get paid next (10th april), i am getting final warning from my creditors for not paying them the minimum payments, after telling them i cant make any payments whatsoever. the past few months i have been gambling because i didnt have enough money to pay all my bills, but when i go into the plus in april, i will have no need to gamble, and i am hoping that i will be able to walk past the bookies without going in, or even looking at the windows. i am getting more and more able to walk past bookies with cash in my hand, where as before i would just go straight in. because of the situation i have been/am in, i hope that next time when i feel the urge to gamble, i could use this money to by a new car, new shoes, towards a flat, not to give to a machine and feel suicidal the rest of the day.the amount of money i gambled, i could have had a audi or bmw on my drive, but all i got is an astra. With the election coming up, the government should help people like us, by banning machines. keep the horseracing, football bets because its been around for ages and every one enjoys grand national bets (even people who dont normally gamble) but i dont care which party would ban them, they'd certainly have a few thousand more votes.

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