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Hi tomtomwill

I would suggest you first sit down & talk to him. Can he get a loan to pay you back?

If he can do that then you can finish your studies.

Then you have to limit his access to money, especially yours. If he gets in trouble again, do NOT bail him out! He has to pay his own way.

If he has admitted he has a problem, what is he doing about addressing it? We compulsive gamblers are very good liars. You are right to say that you don't trust him. He has to earn back the trust that he has lost. Has he attended GA? Has he seen a counsellor?

If he wants to stop gambling he can. It is hard to stop (like any addiction) but it can be done.
He has to WANT to stop though. Otherwise he is on a downward spiral. Simple fact...sorry.

Best wishes

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