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Hi andy

Last January 2009 my gambling addiction had achieved its worst. I had had enough and attempted suicide. That was when I discovered GA.

I also needed specialised help as well though. So I saw a counsellor for about 6 months. Before attending this counselling I would have been one of the first to scoff at it. Not any more.
I spoke of things that nobody knows about me, but me. My family know everything re my gambling habits & debts etc. but there are still things which we all like to keep secret, especially from family.

This counselling also helped me become a more open person. Maybe not able to converse, but at least willing to try & engage someone in conversation. I was literally given a view of a new life.
All I had to do was have a go!

There are free online & telephone counselling services available in the UK. I sincerely hope you give thought to that suggestion.

Best wishes

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