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Help for Partners?
I am the wife of a 6 years GA man - so a success story showing it can be done. I just wanted to ask if any partners have found good books on what it is to live with an addict in recovery, found any seminars to go to about this, whether GA has any meetings purely for partners to learn what is happening to their other halves whilst they recover.

I know that I have a great story and I cannot begin to tell you how proud I am of him. I have realised though that things are going on that mean that he has fundamentally changed and therefore I need to learn myself what is happening and whether this is the progression of an addict in recovery or him as an individual.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi - I have found gamanon but wasnt sure if this was for people who's partners are still gambling and not like my own husband who doesnt gamble any more. I think he hasnt been keen for me to go to Gamanon which am trying to understand too. His GA is his recovery and his story which I totally get and have learned to accept but there comes a point when the partner needs some TLC about it all too...
Thank you for your replies

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