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I feel awful
I have wasted so much money over the last 10 years - I've stretched the mortgage to its limit & still have credit card debts.

I can manage without betting, but my biggrest enemy is that if I start, its hard to stop.

I'm now worried about paying all the bills - the mortgage and basic bills are ok, but I am struggling to cover credit card bills, especially as my wife's Disability Living allowance is being reviewed.

Even selling the house won't solve matters as the house value isn't quite enough to cover the debts.

I dont think I could feel worse at the moment.

I intend going to the Stroud GA meeting this week, but I fear it may be too late in the day.

If only I could turn back the clock.....
Hi Big Dave,

I went to the Strood meeting of GA last Wednesday and was made to feel very welcome. It was a little daunting walking into a room with 14 people there, but ultimately I wasglad I had taken that step.

Its certainly hard facing up to your problems, but it also certainly feels much better once you unburden yourself and let others help.

It doesnt make the financial issues magically go away, or indeed the personal issues, but it already feels like its made it easier to deal with these.

I am blessed with great parents who are helping with the financial side and I know this is my last chance with them, so I must succeed and cant afford to fail again. Equally, I need to improve the quality of the time I spend with my kids.

To anyone else out there thinking of going to GA, and isscared at the prospect, my initial thought would be "Dont be scared - the members dont bite - give it a try and allow the fellowship to help you resolve your issues"

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