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gambling again
I stopped gambling(poker online) for 11 days, i thought :"yes, this time it's good, " but not, i gambled again, i lost again, i'm depressed again, i'm 52 years old, i have nothing, i haven't my own house, i lost my savings.I lack of will; it's a nightmare, i would like come back before i knew poker .
My life is a disaster, i pray every day : god, help me, god give me the strenght to stop gambling; god give me the will for living in peace without this addiction.
Nobody knows my problem, i can't tell anybody i'm so ashamed.
I need to read yours histories; i need to write these words,i need to break a habit;
i'm living in france, there are not meetings gamblers anonymous in my town; you are my only self-boat.
thanks for reading

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