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Small Gambling

I've been reading through all the posts on this wall wondering what I should do, heres my problem:

I don't gamble big amounts of money, haven't taken big loans/credit cards out (and don't feel the need to), but still have this habit of nipping into the bookies to spend a few pounds to win a few pounds for a few beers down the pub with the lads/mrs that night. The problem is, I go in lose, then back to the cash machine for more, lost that, back to the cash machine.... and walk out feeling depressed.

I work on the road so there is always a bookies whilst I'm driving past etc, and its driving me insane. I have looked into the GA meetings but don't know whether there for me as I'm not in as many problems as I've seen other people below.

Does anybody else have the same problem, and if so how have you resolved it? My girlfriend has no idea I'm like this as we always go out and have the money to do the things she wants to (as I'm in a high paid job). I just find it so frustrating that the money I'm wasting could pay for additional holidays away etc and it hurts.

I hope you can help?


You have the opportunity to nip this thing in the bud.
Would you rather wait, and tempt fate?

Most compulsive gamblers have done what you are talking about. I wish I had my time over again.
I am not saying that you will go to the extremes that some of us have done. However, if you think you are spending too much (as you do), and you are also withdrawing from the ATM to try & win back what you have lost. I think you have a problem.

Go to some GA meetings. They could save your future, if not your life.

Best wishes

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