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32 Days
Hello Everyone

Thanks for the replies.Thought I would give everyone an update on how its going.
I am at day 51 since my last bet and I am still attending my meetings in Dundee which are helping me to get through this illness.
I have apolgised to my wife and we are getting on well and are trying to sort ourselves out financially.
My car is up for sale just now so if I can get it sold I shall be able to pay off a couple of debts.
I have been keeping myself busy doing a lot of work in the garden and playing quite a lot of golf.
I find it a lot easier not to think of gambling when I am busy and doing things.
I work offshore and I am due to go away in a weeks time for two weeks when I come back my son will be on holiday from school so I am looking to do some quality things with him.
Although I am only 51 days into my recovery I feel as if my life is slowly getting back on track.
It is amazing how much better you feel in yourself when there are no lies , you are not dreading the phone ringing or jumping out of your seat when the postman comes
I wish everyone who comes into this forum every success in beating this illnessand I shall keep everyone informed about how I`m doing


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