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It seems i don't even care about the world cup
Hi i am 36 and have been a gambler for almost 20 years. I am married to a beautiful wife and today i had to tell her that i just lost thousands of pounds on betting on the world cup. I lost 4 months of hard work in just a matter of 4 world cup games. I also want to confess i did this in Feb of this year so twice i have let her down. We have talked about this all day and I agree that i am the worst type of gambler. I am by far, worst than all of you because i know i will lose and i know it will affect the people i love and IT SEEMS I DON"T EVEN CARE..... Well that was until just now where i saw my wife's face and her heart just break into a million fragments. I am going to open up my secrets and all the hiding i do behind her back. I am going to find a GA meeting as soon as I can but i feel this won't help. If you know you could lose your family by gambling and you still do it how do you think i feel about a GA meeting. I am the worst kind of gambler and i don't even trust myself never mind my loved ones trusting me. I am gonna give these meetings a try but I'm not convinced purely because i am weak willed. I have tried to do this on my won and it lasted hmm maybe 3 days. You get gloomy when you lose then once that feeling has passed you rinse and repeat to try get that big score. ( It never comes )

Thanks Lee
hi lee,

i can totally relate to you mate, i 2 lost a lot of money this week, a fe thousand, it started with world cup then chasing the losses on roullette, my fionce woke up at 5 am to find me on the laptop, i confessed to her and she took it well, but like you said couple of months hard work gone in few hours, it is disgusting.

I have cancelled all my accounts tonight and feel like a weight has been lifted over my shoulder, maybe try to do the same.

all the best my friend
Hi Steve (deako)

Thanks for your reply, you are 100 per cent right, these ad breaks and sporting events are made for people to gamble and going to the meetings to share the problems sounds like a great opportunity to share problems and hopefully in the future to stop this evil game.

Many thanks
Well lads you are no worse or better than the rest of us compulsive gamblers, i have tried to stop gambling on my own hundreds of times but it never works for long, a few weeks evev a few months, but then we go back when the pain of our losses eases, but the losses get bigger as we chase the money again.
I went to my first GA meeting 21 months ago and have not had a bet since, hey its not easy but you get the help and support of other GA members, give it a try lads and dont be another loser.
You are not alone,as a compulsive gambler myself ive done what you have,many times,lost homes,businesses,and everything ive ever had,all gambled away in a matter of minutes in bookies.Over 25 years of it and still relapsed many times,purely because I didnt do the GA way of attending meetings.I dont know how,but when I attend meetings I stay clean,when I dont,whether its weeks or months,I relapse.So now ive managed 5 weeks clean,by attending meetings.Good luck to you,maybe try a meeting?Andy

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