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19, 3 week old child and still wasting money on roulette
i really need help, its all i ever think about, bettin either roullete or the weekend football bets, all my mates bet so when i am out its the first place we go, its got so bad now i can lose all my wages in an hour, i really want help but scared to go to these meetings and i scared i will lose my girlfriend 1 day . any help??

Firstly, dont be scared to come the meetings. We are all un the same situation as yourself and you will get great solid advice from people who understand and can relate to your problems. Check the website for your local meeting and get there! Yes, youll be nervous, but youll be at ease within the first minute. Youll get great solid advice and you can begin your recovery.

If you want to stop, get to a meeting thats your first step to recovery.

had 2 days off of gambling and then lost it today worldcup was back on so put a bet on and lost gutted, i think i am will be attending 1 of these meetings tomoz if i have the guts to

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