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i know i have a problem now, very new to this.
this is the first time i have been on this website, its 04:00 ive just lost all the money i had for my rent and what i was due to family members. im loosing my friends, and loosing any sort of life i once had, i used to be into hanging out with my friends and drinking having a laugh and music. all i think about is playing poker, im still in denial, but i want to stop before it gets worse. I know its going get worse.

I want to go to a GA meeting but where do i start.

Did anybody ever get there life they once had. I feel i have nothing left both financially and socially everything.
Hi and welcome, Go straight to Gamblers Anonymous and don't delay. Delaying things is one the compulsive gamblers
common problem. Oh! I'll do this tomorrow or I'll fix that next week etc. etc. Work hard at the program and with honest and an open mindness and your life will turn around and then you can have a happy and fruitful life without having to lie and deal with problems by gambling.
The place to start is to goto a meeting and listen to other people there, take heed of their notice and keep trying to give up.

Also come on the live chat here as well but it is not a substitute for meetings
thanks i have had a chance to read alot of the posts on here and see where alot of things come from. thanks for all the support. i have though alot about what happens just doesnt happen to me.

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