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why, oh why the self destruct button
Hi all,

I'm sorry if i'm going to ramble but i need to speak to people. I'm in a bad way. After losing in June, i haven't gambled for 8 weeks and last night i lost further online. I'm in such a bad state. I'm into my overdraft and now into my credit card. Will the debt ever go away? I'm getting married next summer and got mortgage and car payments to make; my outgoings are same as my income, so how can i ever clear this debt?
I need help - i can't ever gamble again. I have pressed the self destruct button too many times, this evil is eating me up. I feel so low, yet 2 months ago i was so lively and outgoing.
I wish everyone going through this evil good luck in their journey. If i didn't have my lovely fiance i would end all this misery and rid the world of this pest, namely me.

Thank you all so much for reading.
Craig, deako

Thanks for your advise and kind words, I will be attending one of the meetings in my local area very soon, i have been gamble free for the last 10 days and i despise what i have done so much.

I keep on dwelling on my losses, 3 months ago i was in a comfortable position, now i am in debt, my income and outgoings are same every month so how am i ever going to pay back this debt?

I so wish i didnt do this mistake that puts me in an awkard point in life, i feel like i cant enjoy life again, i wont have fun.

I have got so much things going for me so why do i make myself miserable and unhappy by doing this stupid things

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