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last bet 2004
HI all my name is Stephen I am a compslive gambler I attend Pontypridd GA group aslo the group sec and also help out on the live chat room my last gamble was back in 2004 my first meeting was in Cardiff Oct the 27th it was the biggest thing I did in my life to admit I had a problem with gambling

gambling was a big part of my life out every night to the bingo club and playing them slots I love it was a big buz love all the flashing lights and then it all come crashing down on me stated to loose my money then thinking how can I win my money back TAKE MORE money out of the cash wall in the bingo club more and =more before you new it alll your money have gone, going back back to the same place to see if you can get it all back the big answer was NO

THEN i started to take money that did not belong to me big mistake got in to trouble with the police lost my home and my job after 25 years of had work In thought I was going to prison for 6 months but I had 2 years probation I have attending GA for nearly 6 years I want to give something back to GA for helping me in my recovery without GA I want be here today helping those who need help if you want to stop GAMBLING GA is the best place to be meeting people who have the same problem as you we can all relate to one another we do not judge



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