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It all started when i started working in a bookies about 3 years ago! i was seeing people win and lose, so started having a few bets, so when i was at work i had to look at and pass the time! i have been at uni over the last few years and every weekend had a little bet on the football and that was it! Towards the last couple of months from uni i started to bet more and more and started to get a little worried! I have been home from uni since may it has beeen getting worse, and yesterday i commited the worse thing someone could do i stole from my mum so that i could go to the bookies so that i could have a spin on roulette! i spoke to my mum straight away and i feel like such a loser and a low life i really want to change my life now! as when i come out of uni i dont want to the three years i have competed at uni to become a gambler! please help me!

You appear to recognise that it's time to address this problem now, and I would strongly encourage you to find the strength to take the steps necessary.

You've dug what is a relatively small hole - one that is hopefully easy to get out of.

You have the choice to stop digging now. The alternative is to keep gambing and almost certainly dig a bigger hole (which will bring increased problems, soul searching and debt).

Time to put your spade away!

Good Luck

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