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Can anyone relate?
Hi Gerry, Funny that you have posted just as this time on this subject and I have been a member of GA in Australia for the past 10 years. Last night at my meeting this was exactly how I felt. Went into the meeting feeling really happy and come out feeling depressed! I talk a lot about my higher power or God as I see it. Before I got into GA I was seen as a 'hopeless' case and had virtually given up on myself also. So yes, I definately do believe in God! Something got me to that meeting 10 years ago and I have seen hundreds come and go in that time so guess I am the fortunate one. Last night someone shared about how they had busted but had 8 days clean - clap, clap then they never mentioned their gambling but rattled on about how they thought painting a fence was good therapy and how their mother who is 97 is ringing them and having delusions about dying!! Today I just had to say to myself that these people are still suffering and are still very sick (who am I to judge) but fortunately we have a very good chairperson who runs a tight ship so I will continue to keep going to MY meetings and take the good and leave the rest behind!
ps I think I am probably older than you (65)
Your friend in GA fellowship

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