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I Have had enough!!!!!!!
hi all and tanks for your replys
jus to clarify some of your questions, he has been attending the meeting but i think its jus to keep me happy, ive never heard him speak of the 12 steps- although i know abot them cos i have research this illness so much ....
since the above event..... the following weekend he didnt bother with the meeting and hasnt since.
This may be due to the fact that the saturday after the above event , we went shopping with the kids, to a shop abot 40 mins drive away , we stopped first for lunch , pretty much to make a day of it and because when he 1st started the meetings he had asked me to help him by doing stuff on a saturday so that he wuddnt be able to go to bookies !!!!
So we we in the shop, doing a big grocery shop, and after about 1 hr he kicked off cos i was looking a jeans for both r boys for xmas day !!!! he started on that we DIDNT NEED them and i was wasting money on stuff and he didnt have a penny and i was wasting money!!!! well i bit my tongue until i got into the car and flipped .......
i informed him that he cudnt speak to me like that, and told him (very loudly) that he wudda had money in his pocket if he haddnt of took it from the house and stuck it on a horse which lost , i also told him he was making a fool outta me , as he was going to the meetings (to please me ) but also going to the bookies when he saved up his wee bits of lunch money he was given !!!!
i maybe shuddnt have been so honest but its wrecking my head !!!
when he did attend the meetings, he wud come home a tell me how lucky he was that he didnt loose big amounts, cos there was ppl there who have lost businees, and homes and ppl in debt restructure for the next 20 yrs .............. why doesnt he realise that what he has lost, you cannot put a monetary figure on it , he has lost the love and respect of probably the only woman who ever loved every bones in his body , his wife !!!

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