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191 days clean
My name is Andy and Im a compulsive gambler.I have now managed 191 days free of gambling and having a look back today at how I managed to gamble defies belief.Im still always in financial trouble,always broke,yet before I always managed to gamble and am no better off now than I was last year.I find it hard every day scraping by and paying the price for my slip some 6 months ago,and hopefully this time I will not go down the same road.But my life hasnt changed at all,it is still a miserable,lonely life and I have a lot of time and lack motivation or idea of how to change,which I feel is imperative in order for me to continue to stay free of the hideous gambling disease.I know just 1 second of complacency can lead me back and that is not a place I want to go as I HATE gambling for all the destruction and mental torture it has given me.I havent been to a meeting for 6 weeks now,all due to lack of funds to get there,but really I know I should be at the GA meetings every week.But for today I will not gamble and just take 1 day at a time.Andy.
Its not about the lonliness, not about the boredom and not about if your not making big money. I have lived both sides of this addiction, making really good money yet gambling, buzzing from place to place. Making very little and not gambling, having some fun and enjoying life.

Get to that meeting its more than important!! you have done great so far 191 days just keep pushing "day at a time" forward and life will improve....

Well done on yr abstinance.. Keep it up.. 1 day at a time..!! But try make meetings.. 'Meetings make it!!' Anyways, the G.A recovery programme in my opinion, is about character change.. By adopting the basic principles of the G.A programme, and taking the programme, seriously, honestly and 'religiously' we can achive a positive character change.. Its no use being months or years in the programme, yet we are still liars, thiefs, cheats etc.. You get what I'm saying??!
Josh (142 days gambling free)

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