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my problem!
I believe im a CG and have been to some degree or another since an early age maybe 13/14. I am currently 24 and gambling is a large part of my life. I would like to quit gambling or at least control it at a sustainable level.

I currently work as a deputy manager in a large betting firm (i know that in itself probably isnt a good thing) and have worked in the betting industry since leaving scool at 18. Preferably i wouldnt want to leave my job as it is all i have known and im very good at it also i wouldnt have the first clue as to what other job i would do.

I started to realise i had a big problem just over a year ago when i started living with my girlfriend and a week or two into every month i had no money to do anything as id gambled it all away and sometimes run up debts. On more than one occasion she has payed off these debts for me and ive felt realy bad, she has said that if it happens again she will leave me and i would hate that but it still doesnt seem to stop me. Its over 2 weeks till i get payed again and i dont have a penny to my name and am heavily overdrawn and dont know what to say.

I mostly gamble on horses and play online poker which wouldnt be too much of a problem if i stuck to only betting on things i genuily thaught would win and playing the odd bit of poker as i am, although only slightly a winning player on the poker. The problem comes when its quiet and im in work ill have a bet on something over the phone out of bordom that i have no idea about whatsoever and if it loses ill chase it back all day aimlessly losing all my money till its gone then i realise what an idiot ive been.

Does anyone have any help or advice? does anyone believe its possible to stop gambling while still working in the industry? I am wary of going to a GA meeting in my area as i think it would be very awkward if i were to be there with any punters or previous punters in any of my shops.

Any help or advice would be much apriciated
Awkward situation!!

first thing in your post that I noted "I realised I was often skint" tell me no matter what the job or "how good you supposibly are at it" is the end result "your skint".

I can answer some of your questions and wont go into the feeling of irony with your post.

there are however questions you need to sit down and ask yourself honestly:

1) Can you control gambling, ie do you always win, I can answer that and that answer is no.
2) Is gambling effecting your life?? I can answer that to thanks to your poor GF who had to bail you out!!

In fact I can ask all the quaetions and give you many answers why because im a compulsive gambler also.

Difference between you and I is I asked the most important question:

Am I good at my job making someone else money while I loose all mine?
Do I actually enjoy life??
Do I own anything of real value to me??

Then the dawn of all my questions smacked home like the truth I had always known it was all about GAMBLING.

I personally couldnt work in gambling, I couldnt cope with it.

So my suggestion my friend is keep the job, keep throwing your cash away, keep sponging of the GF, keep being the person gambling makes you.

Or find the higher courage and find GA, a place where men and women who have come together to fight what it is to be a CG, you know them you see them often!! happy one minuite, angry the next, what you dont see is after they politely say goodbye walk around the corner, sit in the car contemplating suicide, then returning home late to lie to there GF.

I chose to KNOW I am a CG and KNOW that I simply cannot gamble and thanks to GA and the (punters who may recognise you) who for your info are real people, with real wives, real children, real emotions who at least have the courage to want to change.

I am not trying to be ultra hard on you, because your rich (remember!!) but gambling will make you poor!!

Im neither rich nor poor but thanks to GA and the wonderfull men and women that I now call friends I lived "just for today and today I did not gamble"

So if you really want to see who you are and what you could be then I suggest going to a meeting.

It may like me, change me,make me see the light and make me a much better person.

Best wishes


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