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My trouble
Hi All,

Let me start by saying i have only just found this site, which has to be an indication of the fact today is the first time i have truly admitted i need help with this, sure i have admitted to having a problem but there seems to be a huge difference between admitting that and changing a habbit of 5 years. I am now 22 and reading through this site i can tell i am def a compulsive gambler, the stakes i regularly play are on sporting events, i tell myself i wont bet, but once i leave work find myself going online and this is where i do all of my gaming, luckly for me the casino has never really held too much of a temptation for me (not to say i havent given them some money over the years).

i have downloaded a good bet filter and i hope this will aid in my new found path to a gamble free life but i was wondering if anybody knew of a way i could block gambling websites from my mobile?

I currently have a debt of several thousand and for someone of my age this is very worrying, luckily i still live at home (as if i could afford to move out!!) but i believe my friends and family are starting to get suspicious, having also been in work for 5 years they would expect me to have something to show for it, but i simply do not. When reading through the signs of a young gambler i have answered yes to every one except stealing, this again makes me realise the extent of my gambling considering suicide is on that list.

One major side effect of my particular gambling seems to be my worsening self confidence and constant feeling of being judged my everyone i meet, i used to be popular at school and lead a very healthy childhood, but now i feel like i cannot socialise and i am starting to hate going to work, i am getting quieter and as many people seem to come out of their shells i am doing the opposite, i do not feel like a normal 22 year old, i spend nothing on going out as i mentioned i find this increasingly hard and find that as all my friends are meeting girlfirends i am very unlikely to do the same. I feel like i am wasting my life and there is little way out due to my financial situation.

I have spoken to my parents who are worried sick about me, not to mention i can hardly sleep due to the financial worries i have, which is made even more ironic when considering i have a career in the finance industry, constantly being surrounded by money talk does little to help me forget my troubles! Plus i have lost motivation to continue with exams putting a halt on any career development due to my mental state.

I have missed out on holidays with friends making silly excuses as i dont want to say i'm broke, i have had to sell my car resently, i feel like i am at an all time low, well at least i hope it cant get worse.
Hi JM,

I am sorry to hear of your story and BIG Dave is right try and get yourself to a meeting. The thing that caught my eye with your story was your last sentence 'well at least I hope it can't get worse'. Trust me, if you continue to gamble it will get a whole lot worse, you said the only sign that you didnt answer yes to was stealing. Well if you are in debt and are selling things (your car) to fund gambling or pay debts caused due to gambling, it won't be long before the option to steal is staring you right in the eyes. The thing that used to suprise me when I was gambling was how much worse things got and how quickly. I did things I would never have thought I would do due to gambling. Please stop, you are still young and can have a great life. It will get harder and harder to stop the longer you carry on. Good luck to you, I hope you suceed, you sound like you have a great career ahead of you too, don't ruin it.

Hi Jim. i was a little younger then you when i quite and stayed away from gambleing most of my life up to Can recover from both your money and other issues. you are lucky you have parents that will support you.
the one thing i did to stop was to hand over all my cash to my folks.i only ever had money for lunch and bus fare.
Needless to say i walked home alot at the start it was a eight mile walk did not take to long to for me to stop gambleing after a couple ot weeks of walking home it wont be easy.get rid of any credit cards.dont even bring a ATM card
if you dont have to.set your self a realistic goal some thing to aim for a holiday a car some thing any does not have to be anything exspensive.a night out may be. You will be Amazed the feeling you will have when you start to beat this takes time and support.all the best for the future you do have mite not be able to see that yet but you will.
Hey guys, i just wanted to thank you for all replying to me and giving me the strength to turn it round, I can now honestly say its been 3 weeks to the day and i feel like a different person, i am slowly paying off my overdrafts etc and i feel great to have control of my life, once again thank you!

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