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feeling bad
i slipped at the weekend it was my 5th 1 day slip in 3 years in that time i have had 19 months without a bet i choose not to use the word recovery.i have changed alot in 3 years i still have severe deppression but iam now human in many ways, this week has been hard missed college my cbt but also my dad.this has all been to do with gambling on saturday to which i borrowed money of my dad whilst he was in hospital not able to run away from dad has sinse had an operation but is still very weak and is mum and dad understand its the illness to a degree which takes away normal thinking and replaces it with desparation.i have been back to my ga meeting and so i carry on but im finding it very hard to deal with the guilt of hurting so many i love and respect.the 20 questions are something i need to keep looking at as i can tick of so many again after 1 day of gambling love and respect for myself are very low i think this is one of my biggest problems a strength which i have is ga i need to use it at all times as i know just for today maybe i should say this hour but i dont want to.
Hi Geoff,
I can understand how you feel. As can so many people who go to meetings.
That is why meetings are so valuable. It is great that you went back, and I hope you got the support you needed. It is during our break and just after the meeting that I talk to others who have become friends about some of the real issues I have. May I suggest you do the same. You may be surprised just how many people have or used to have the same issues.
I wish you and your father well, and try not to tackle your whole life problems all at once.

My name is Chris, and I too am a compulsive gambler

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