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were do i turn
Hi its my first time on here but heres my story im 28 and have gmbled for 9 months i used to be so good with my money everything was paid on time fastforward 9months and ive maxed all my cards got 2 loans out hav a huge overdraft and havnt paid any bills as i gmble all my money i do it online and each time i say i will cas out i have even sold my engagement ring to gamble which chokes me up when i think about it i just dont know who i am any more .
Welldone in admitting you have a problem,thats the first comes all the hard work but its achievable one day at a need to tell your partner and your family if you are close to them-you may need their help.As jess said block the sites so even if your tempted you cant gamble online-that was my downfall!!I too maxed out credit cards,had a loan and handed it over to online slots you will find may seem like the issue now but its actually at the bottom of the pile,many people find that they feel awful for wasting so much money,they think maybe they can win it back,they feel useless and a failure(this was me)we are not,compulsive gambling is an illness and we will find we will be dealing with it for the rest of our can be managable,with alot of will power and listening to others who are the same as us.use the forum here,use the chatroom and get to a meeting.there is hope and help out there if you really want to stop.x

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