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Online Meetings Guidelines
Online Meetings Guidelines
GA Online Meetings are here to assist you in your recovery from gambling. To ensure that they are conducted in an organized fashion we have the following suggestions and rules in place.
The chairperson will usually suggest a topic for the meeting but it is always an open share format. If you have something other than the topic pressing on your mind, please feel free to give your therapy on that.
When a member is sharing their story, please respect that by not interrupting or talking to others during their time. Keep in mind that there is no time limit on someone's share, some of us type faster than others.
The chairperson will invite the member to share one at a time. If you wish to share type an exclamation point ( ! ) and they will ask you to talk when it is your turn.
Not all of us have the same opinions on bad language, there may be children or people who are offended by it so refrain from usage of it in here.
Basically, common sense is the rule here. Be courteous and respectful of other's opinions, thoughts and experiences. Principles before Personalities.
If this is your first visit it would be advantageous to visit the Welcome room before joining the meeting.
Admin users are present in all rooms and are displayed in red, ask for a pm or help if needed.
Please enjoy yourself on the site and gain as much support as you need.

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