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Please Help!
Guys, I need help.

I have a massive problem, i'm not araid to admit it. I believe that all gamblers have a certain "addictive personality".

I am writing this post now, whilst watching a live feed to a soccer match, where yet again im hoping to try and get lucky.

I have lost thousands and have even taken out a loan, im 25 and i just cant stop myself. I have a beutiful girlfriend that i do not deserve, which i am keeping this from, it would end our relationship. I am a very busy person and would not be able to attend the meetings, but i am hoping fellow addicts can help me slowly get through this. I have decided i am going to help other people with postings as well and I need people around me right now to help me out.

I get a sinking feeling everytime i lose or dont gamble, i feel i need to have an interest in some kind of bet to keep me going.

I feel physically sick with myself and i feel disgraced and people that do not understand gambling will think i'm an absoloute mug. And its true, but they dont understand the pain i go though at times. Hopefully this is my first step in a long recover. I want to enjoy life again.
hi,well done in admitting you have a problem.thats the first step of many!all us users on the forum are either fighting the addiction or have had a problem at one point or another.if you cant stop when your winning or losing,spend far too much time and money when you gamble or its always somewhere in your mind you are like us and have a problem.oh and not forgetting the lying,borrowing money and feeling like crap after a losing familiar all these things are to most of us.Good news tho,you with willpower and support can change this,it take time and strength and a lot of hard work and it will be an illness we may all be fighting for a long time if not forever.our way is simple take a day at a time,dont look any further than that just for today tell yourself you will not gamble,keep busy,do not carry money with you,stay away from places and people where you may be tempted.telling others is always a good idea as it means you are being honest about your problems.all this i have learnt and followed for 7 weeks!!!i was where you are now and a short time later life is good again,im not going to lie it hasnt been easy but im starting to feel 'normal' again even better than that by keeping things simple im finding me again.meetings are so important,we need others like ourselves to work through things,who better to understand us than others who have been or are in the same situation!!!??i live nowhere near a meeting so decided to try church which is going well for me.good luck for the next few days-you will probably be needing it!!!!keep us up to date with how you
You have come to the right place for help
You have a illness that needs to be one will judge you here we are all in the same boat.
I am not in a position to give advice other then to say take note what many off the others have to say.
About the steps you will need to take.
Good luck and god bless
Thanks for the help Cleo and Marko thanks for your support, I have taken the information and I will take it on board.

I feel alot better today and I will unbeleivably postive. I know at times it will be hard, but you are so right Cleo, I need to take one day at a time! I spoke to my manager at work today and told her that I am getting the support I need. She was also very helpful as well and I think I am going to get a diary to record my thoughts as I go by, regarding thoughts and feelings!

The football season is over as well, which is my main habbit. So i'm looking more positive.

I tend to gamble alot online, so i will come on hear everytime i have an impulsive reaction and post a reply.

Seriously though thanks guys,

nice to know there are people out there.
MCK thanks for sharing your thoughts, I have taken them on board. Well done on your decreasing need to gamble over the years, it must of been really hard for you!

Big Dave I do understand the importance of visting the meeting, and i have taken steps to finding out locations and timings. The problem I have at the moment, is that in my life I am very busy. I have a very important exam coming out where I have been revising non-stop. Plus I work full time and I also play semi-pro football. So when I am not doing this I am normally seeing my girlfriend (who I cant bare to tell). Therefore you see I have very limited time to attend these meetings.

The reason I have time to gamble is easy - all I have to do is log in, deposit some money and place a bet, in the space of 1 minute. So it takes seconds to gamble, its not like Im sitting fixated on gambling for 2 hours a time. I normally place a bet get a little buzz and do something else, whilst thinking about the anticipated result!!

But thanks for everyones support guys this site is more than helping me at the moment. Second day in, and dont feel to good today. Keep thinking about how much I would have if I had'nt started up again. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Hi again,its a coulda woulda shouda day for you???!!thoughts of what you could have done with lost money,what you should have and what you would have if you could rewind the clock.past is past we cant go back if we could id be one minted lady!!once you start to get passed those first few weeks ul hopefully realise its more than about money,money is actually only a small part of the problem.the feeling of feeling like a failure and that uv let loved ones down are far worse.self loathing,self disgust...need i go on.we are all at a point in recovery otherwise we wouldnt be using this forum so we are one step closer alto always one step away from our next is vital for us all as strong and contemplate a meeting.xxxx
Hi Sam
Just coming to this site is a start.its very hard for gamblers to accept reality.
Thats were GA can your self the biggist favour you will ever do and contact GA.
Its hard but the alternative is harder.
God bless

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