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If you think they have had a bet
I was just wondering how anyone else deals with this situation.

My partner has told me he has stopped gambling but I am sad to say I don't believe him (I have heard it all a million times before).

The trouble is he has got so good at lying to me I never know when he is lying or telling the truth?

I tend to get a feeling when I think he has had a bet as he will be ingrosed in the sport on the telly and checking scores constantly etc, however, he is a big sports fan anyway so he would be doing this even if he hadn't had a bet.

I don't want to keep going on at him all the time but if I think he has had a bet and he denies it, what can I do? Do I just leave it and go out of my mind wondering or what? I don't want to make him worse by nagging all the time so he will want to go to the bookies to get away fro me anyway!

He also says sometimes when I ask him if he has had a bet that he wasn't even thinking about it but now that I have mentioned it he is?! Has anyone else had this type of blame?

What a nightmare. I feel so down at the moment, he seems very upbeat at the moment but all I can think about is his gambling I just want all the lies to stop. I just feel I am in a no win situation as if he is telling the truth I don't believe him and question it or if he is lying then we are back to square one anyway!

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