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biker down and out
Hi All,

This is my first time here and i'm looking for some advice on what my first steps are to help myself. But i guess most of all its to tell my story.

ok well in my late 20's and have been gambling for ... well for ever. Mainly online casino but also in the bookies on the rouette machines.

Well i have gone throught eh last 5 years living payday to payday but to be honest... i'm actaully a terrible gambler... i'm never really up at all.. i get paid gamble then skint.... So i definately realise there is no winner, but doenst stop me.

Its fianally come to an end, I was fairly well off this month after paying bills, but decided to go to bookies.. lost hundreds but got it back... then went back later on and blew it all, inlcuding more. I have jsut taken out payday loans to get through the month and wait for it... have blown all that.

My parter bails me out all the time and we have no credit left. ... I have promised to stop and stop.. but never quite manage it.

I am no due to move out of our home, as do believe she deserves better, and unfortunately i ahve a small amount to my name and no where to stay no family or friends... so currently making the back of the car comftable for my new bed.

Anyways I desperately want to stop. and I guess meetigns is a good place to start... I just wondered what people thought of the meetings, personal experiences... also just wondered what people first steps were?

any help apprecaited...
Hi, Your story is not unique to us CG's and we understand you.
The GA meetings saved my life as I had, like you, reached my 'rock bottom'. I had tried many other things to stop gambling but nothing seemed to work for me until I became honest with myself and with others and finally admitted defeat.
Go along to a meeting and see how you feel at least you will be talking with other people who have walked in your shoes. I call the GA meeting 'my family' because at the end of the day I had nothing left either. My gambling friends, my family, work colleagues etc didn't want to know me any more and I was in this world totally alone.
Today, I live a 'normal', happy and spiritual life and would not risk it for anything or anyone.
Give it a go - you have nothing to lose.

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