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Hit rock bottom
I've finally realised things have gone too far and I can't cope with my gambling addiction any longer.

I've gambled for years, mostly on the football and racing. I hold my own more often than not with them and it's something I can't see not being in my life. Both are massive interests in my day to day business.

It's these stupid, pointless instant win games that have killed me. I used to turn my nose up at them whenever I was in the bookies. Seen several of my friends have issues with them, serious one's at that.

The last nine months to a year have been such a rollercoaster with them though. At the start of the year I was losing around 50% of my wage on them in an hour or so. I bucked my ideas up and took some action, told my partner and she was as understanding as anyone would have been.

Since the initial blips around March - May time, I got over it. I dabbled in them from time to time but never ever at the level I was doing previously. Then last week I got into the online blackjack. Was up a fair bit for a few days and then on Wednesday it got the better of me. I lost it all and some of my savings.

Today, I got up with the best intentions and kept myself occupied. Then the urge got to me and I blew more of my savings and left myself up against it for the rest of the month.

It's getting more serious now because within the next few months I am hoping to have bought my first property with my partner.

My life is generally excellent. I have a loving family, a girlfriend who I adore and has stood by me with all this and I have a job I love doing which pays well.

I don't know why I gamble on these games, but I do know it needs to stop.

I'm sick and tired of disappointing myself and my partner.
Hi Timtim,
I realised about two years ago that I had a problem with roulette. I have never had a problem with football bets or any other form of gambling but couldn't control myself when playing roulette. I have worked at recovery for almost two years now and have made mistakes and learned from my mistakes. Each time I slip up I learn from it and become stronger next time. I have went 60 plus days now without entering the bookies. What I learned last time was I can't ever set foot in a bookies again because although I think I can place a few quid on a football result I realise this eventually leads to me trying to recover lost money through roulette which leads to disaster. We are problem gamblers and therefore cannot gamble ever again on anything. I learned this from Smartie and Big Dave on this site. Listen to others on this site they provide their experience and knowledge to younger ones like ourselves. Good luck in your recovery.
P.S. I am sports daft and it hasn't bothered me in the slightest that I haven't bet in the past 60 days. I don't know many people who actually win anymore. Last week I bought myself something expensive for the first time in ages. It felt great.

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