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I am new to this, but i really need help, i admit i have a problem with gambling, and yesterday
it reached a high, i got paid and then used all that on the roulette machine, didnt win , lost it all
in which i owed to my mum, then i took my mums tv and laptop and sold those to go back, i had
to face my mum, and well you can imagine what happened, how can i stop, im stealing to gamble.
I too have a problem with roulette. It is a tough game. Way too fast for the human mind and too quick to allow for any rational thought whatsoever. I was lucky on two counts. First off, I am relatively young and second of all I found this site early on. I have read stories of people losing their houses, their wives and families as well as their worldly possessions and finally their pride and self respect. I try to put as much effort into my recovery as I did into my gambling. I come onto this site daily and I read as many stories as possible. I steal all the good advice and use it for myself. You have admitted you have a problem and that you have stolen to feed your gambling. Know now where this will lead and make a solemn vow to change your way of life to prevent this from happening again. You cannot change what has already happened. Accept this and move on and focus all your efforts and attention on your recovery. The first piece of advice I was given on this site was to not take my bank card to work. Simple. This one piece of advice alone did not stop me gambling but it did break my daily ritual of going directly to the bookies straight from work. Since that initial piece of advice I have added many, many others. I have made mistakes but I don't make the same mistake twice. Every day I learn something new on this site and I use it to make my defence stronger and my recovery easier. Good luck. Work hard at understanding your gambling problems and you will enjoy life again.

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