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I'm going to lose my wife if I don't stop
My wife confronted me about an hour ago and I admitted I had started gambling again. I promised her 3 or 4 years ago I would stop and I went to a therapist. I stopped for about 3 years but pressures of life (job, father was ill etc just excuses eh?) got to me and I reverted to the horses to lose myself and forget about life I suppose. I have returned to the therapist now but haven't stopped even though I want to and sometimes I don't gamble for weeks, sometimes months but then I do.
I think my wife is going to leave me and I know I have to do something even if she does leave me. I am scared to go to a meeting as I am sure I will be very embarassed. What happens at these meetings?
Hi davidu.

The meetings can give you something a therapist never can. Atleast that is my own experience. I too have been to therpay and it did help me alot, so I am absolutely not downtalking therapy!

However the meeting made me feel accepted and worthwhile in a way that the therapist never could. Seing the therapist was only one person and also a proffessional, and when I had finished therapy, I still somehow felt alone and misunderstood in relation to the world outside of therapy. Then came gambling and further added to my feelings of guilt and shame.

The people at the meetings are just like you and me and some have managed to be gamble free for so many years. To see the acceptance in their eyes, to feel like you are just like them... they give you hope and inspiration. They can show you ways of how to work against your illness.

It was hard for me, getting to my meeting the first time, embarrassing and unbelievable nervwrecking.. but once I made it through the door it wore off.

All the best!

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