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Bad Thoughts
Started my Xmas shopping this week and, like most others, began to wonder how I would be able to afford all the things I need to buy. Bad thoughts crept into my mind about how nice it would be to win some money. Instantly, I began to smile because in a bizarre way I enjoy those moments when the devil inside me attempts to return me to the dark days. It reminds me that my recovery will last forever. If I read that last sentence when I first came to this site it would have scared me to death. I thought then that I just had to stop gambling for a little while. The truth is I like the fact that I am in this for the long haul. It is an extremely small price to pay for the happiness and peace I have encountered over the last three months. Not gambling has not had one single negative affect on my life. There is only positive gains to be had from not gambling. I looked at the transactions of the past three months on my personal bank account the other day and it barely fills a page. A short while ago I would have had more movement in my account in one week. My local branch could probably pay someone off due to the time saved on my account.
Thanks for your replies and thanks for the input you supply consistently to this site. Taking things one day at a time has helped me massively and is a rule that can be applied to all things in life. I suppose we all strive to do better and to be better and rather than worry about the end result months or years down the line better to just deal with today.

Hi Tomso

I really liked your share.

I love your positive attitude and agree that giving up gambling is a small price to pay for freedom. "Surrender without resentment" is a wonderful saying I heard many years ago from a long-standing GA member and although this is not the only way to do it, it is the best way.

Keep sharing it's step 12 in action.

Take care


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