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i am only 18 and addicted to the roulette machines
Hi i am new to the forum and GA,
Many of you may see the title and laugh because i am only 18 but already i have a serious addiction. I gamble everyday and not just little money, all i think about is playing roulette. I work mon-fri and as soon as i finish work all i want to do is gamble my money. I lose whole months wages the day i get paidand feel like killing myself on several occasions. I have stole from my family, lied to them and although i hate it the addiction overcomes the family have no idea and i cant keep it a secret anymore but i just dont know what to do. I cant walk past a betting shop with out going in even if i have no money. I just want to know if anyone can help me? Give me advice and tips and help me stop roulette i dont want to do it anymore and want to stop now before it ruins my life for good and i give up on everything and everyone.
Well done on finding this site and opening up about your addiction. I too have had addiction problems with roulette and struggled to break free from this. I used to gamble daily and like yourself often lost hundreds in one day. If I won it was never enough because I was always chasing losses. I read through as many stories on this site as possible and use the advice given by people like us who know what it is like to face such problems.
The following is a list of rules I applied at the beginning and continue to follow:
1. Admit defeat, forgive yourself and accept your losses.
2. Absolutely do not gamble on ANYTHING even if you only spend a few pounds on other games/sports.
3. Under no circumstances do I enter the bookies. Not with friends, not to use the toilet, not for anything.
4. At the beginning I didn't carry a bank card or any money other than a few pounds in loose change.
5. Be mentally positive always. You are not giving anything up on the contrary only positive things will come from not gambling.
6. I stopped looking at my bank account on a daily basis. I used to check it several times a day.
7. Visit this site every day.
8. Do not look at any betting slips or football coupons.
9. Learn everything you can about gambling addiction. In other words know your enemy.
10. Every time you think about gambling smile and rejoice. A new happy and fantastic life is about to begin.
11. Most importantly take one day at a time.

These are only the rules I have adapted to my life. Others may agree or disagree but they work for me. Perhaps other more experience posters may add rules they use to help them with their problems.

You are young and can beat this. I wish you well.

Alright there,

I am someone who also has been addicted to roulette in all forms casino or bookies.... GA is the next step to long term support just turn up to your local meeting a weight will lift from you as you meet other people. I am 32 and gambled heavy for 12 years, we all have our stories but GA has helped me finally realise I will never win in the long run. Preventative ways to stop you from using the machines is to bar yourself from the bookies. take two passport photos and tell them you want to be self excluded, you can bar yourself from up to 6 shops they are very helpful... I barred myself from 18 shops!! Keep strong. Take each day as it comes.

I have told myself many times i am going to give up but this time i am serious I am going to continur visiting the site daily. Would someone be able to explain this ' today i will not gamble, one day at a time' . Have any of you managed to fully stop gambling? As at the moment i cant ever see the addiction going and that is a scary thought. Has anyone ever tried therapy or counciling?
I would be very interested to hear of people who have stopped and beat the addiction as at the moment i find it hard to see.
Thank you for your support.
Hello Mate,

I have had similar issues to you and I am 18 years old too. That is part of the problem, one of my favourite things with gambling was the fact people knew I was young but would walk in to casino or bookies with a couple of "bags" in my pocket, and I enjoyed this reputation as a "sicko" on the Roullete.
I like you liked the machines, and loved the Roullete on them. Have done thousands of pounds in them in the 3 months from my 18th birthday, but I have not touched the Roullete machines in about 2 or 3 weeks. I was sick and tired of people telling me that I had to stop gambling, and I don't know your circumstances but if you hang around a lot of heavy gamblers like me you will know the sick stories and things that they have told you and you have time to stop. But at the end of the day, if you don't want to stop you won't. The only advice I can give is to try and stop your cash flow so you respect money more, when you walk around with a grand it is hard to respect the money you have to work hard for. So maybe don't carry your bank cards when you know your going to be near the bookies. I believe it is completely possible to give up completely give up gambling but you have to really want to, and I'm not sure if you do, if you do want to then go to a meeting, if you still wish to gamble then just try to control it. It's not neccersarily the money you want to win, it is the thrill of playing. But another way I have tried is to find anoter hobby or way to spend your time. And just remember the Roullete machines are boring and predictable and there are
Much better things to do than do your brains on them.
I am a novice on this site ccompared to others but my understanding of "one day at a time" is simple when I first came to this site I was petrified about the future and being a gambling addict for life. Now I don't worry about five, ten or twenty years down the line I just make sure I don't gamble today. I will always be a gambling addict and will never be cured but this need not scare me because I didn't gamble yesterday, I haven't gambled today and I have no plans to gamble tomorrow and as long as I live life "one day at a time" I don't have to concern myself with what I will be doing ten years from now.

Good luck in your recovery.


The just for today is very simple. It does exactly what it says on the tin.

If you (as a compulsive gambler) were to say you are never going to gamble again then that is a horrendous thought and if i was to face that now i would run to the nearest bookies and try and get as much gambling in as i could.

If however i only had to get through TODAY then thats not so bad i think i can cope with that, when tomorrow comes i can wake up and say to myself 'well just for today' simply rinse and repeat.

So that is how that works, It really does work, you need to put measures in to stop yourself though.

Like monopoly said self exclusion is a great thing i self excluded and the way that works is that if they see you in there they ask you to leave if you refuse then you get slung out. the thought of being thrown into the highstreet from the bookies was enough for me to not go in at all.

On anotherr note your age has nothing to do with it i was gambling since i was 14 on the machines in the local arcade from that point on i had a problem it was only untill now 15 years later that I have actually faced my problem and accepted it.

Could be worth telling someone you trust about your gambling, dont get me wrong they will never understand but they will want to help ask them to come with you get your photo's taken and come into the bookies with you then you can't chicken out filling out the form.

When i excluded myself i was sat playing the machines and the guy on the seat next to me got up and openly said 'right thats it' went to the counter and said can i have an exclusion form please? they gave it to him without blinking an eyelide. Seeing that i printed of my credit and went to the counter said can i claim this and can i also have one of those forms. Again no eyelids blinked, they knew i had a problem before i did.

On your other question of if anyone has beaten this i beleive it cannot be beaten but it can be supressed and 'just for today i will not gamble' therfore just for today i have supressed it.

So i will leave it there for now.
my name is Daryl and i am a comulsive gambler.

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