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there are people in the chat room who are bullies and hinder others recoverys, including certain hypocritical admin, i am sick of it, the wrong people get booted all the time. I am starting to think maybe it should be closed for good. At least then GA would not be responsible for vunerable people in need of help feeling worse after logging in than they did before.
Hi Fewgee,

As far as I understand it, the GA website and chat is there to carry the message to the compulsive gambler who still suffers....
i am glad you have shared your concerns with the GA chat and I know officers in GA (who are only volunteers themselves) are doing their best to improve the site at every opportunity....

My reason for coming on the GA chat and giving back to GA is to carry that message of hope that I was given when I attended my first GA meeting almost 10 years ago.... I remember the support, encouragement and hope I got that night and I hope by going on the GA chat and directing people to meetings that they can receive that same gift I receive every week...

Just for Today and in Unity
I think its a very small minority that cause hassle on the site and to be honest I would hate the thought of not having the chat room. we all have different opinions and are vunerable and feel we clash sometimes... Be strong Fewgee mate. Always good to see you on the site.
Hey Barrie,

Love you sharing my unity mate...

Its only by giving my recovery to others that I learn more about myself and my own recovery...

I didn't see this for so many years...

In unity

Dear Fewgee,

Thankyou for your submission to the forum. You are quite correct, there are certain individuals who frequent the Gamblers Anonymous (GA) chatroom who hinder other peoples recovery. These people would appear to get a certain satisfaction from so doing. It is a crying shame that this minority are spoiling the facility and it can be especially discouraging to 'first time chatters'.

If you have an issue with, as you see it, "certain hypocritical admin", then these concerns should be brought to the eyes and ears of the webmaster - click on the "home" page, select "contact us", then option 7.

There are also chat guidelines - it says on the entry page to the chatroom "Please also ensure that you go to our forum and read the chat room guidleines before you start using the chat room". Sadly, few people adhere to this and simply access the room and start chatting, often about nothing in particular.

You are not the only person who is "starting to think maybe it should be closed for good" - if you wish to pursue this you need to speak out at a "real" group (preferably the group that you attend on a regular basis) and this can then be set in motion through the appropriate channels.

Unity, Service, Recovery. These are key principles in Gamblers Anonymous.

You do not say if you attend face to face meetings or not. I found that this was the best tool in my recovery box. If you are continually trying to undo a nut with a screwdriver then you will struggle. Get yourself down to your local face to face meeting and see if you can improve on your recovery. You can also volunteer for a position of responsibility there. Get yourself involved in Gamblers Anonymous - most people who do this find that their recovery is enhanced. Finally there is the twelve step recovery program. People at your face to face meeting can assist you in your journey on the road to recovery and if they are unable to answer your questions they can suggest other sources who may be able to.

Yours in GA unity

'Poster' David

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