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Help for my deaf son
Hello pelinor

I would tread very carefully when approaching your son with these changes. I cannot give you advice as nobody on this forum (including myself) is remotely qualified to do so. What I can do is pass on my experiences.

I have seen hundreds of compulsive gamblers 'rail-roaded' into coming to GA by family members and it is clear by the look on their face they don't want to be there, and they aren't ready to stop. There are a few (and I do only mean a few) who 'see the picture' when they do join the meeting and listen to others speaking, but in my experience I is enough to push them further away.

If your son is not ready to stop, and you enforce the chances already spoken about, there is a possibility that this may cause a rebellion. It may make him even more secretive about his addiction. Taking away his finances without his full consent may force him to overt to stealing. The list goes on.....

All you can really do is give him your full support and show him the way. Allow him to have a choice.

I hope things work out for the best.

Big Dave (Uxbridge/Eastcote)
pelinor Wrote:My son seems to have a 'part time' addiction. He can go for months without any problems. Then something happens

Hi Pelinor,

I could 'stop' for periods of time, but those periods of time were often not times of growth. I would often be planning to get hold of money or i would just be so down about the losses i had made.

I know I couldn't stop on my own...i need support to recover from this addiction. Likewise I know my family needed help to understand what I was going through.

They turned to Gam-anon (the support network for families and friends of compulsive gamblers) and this gave them a better understanding to my addiction and helped them to help me. It also gave them much needed hope and support.. Maybe you might want to contact them? Their details are on the main GA page via the friends and family tab.

I wish you the best Pelinor and your son
In unity

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