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the first day on a long road
Welcome m,

Great honest post...

You say you've read some of the other posts...have you checked out any of the posts on the main GA page - the New to GA or the meetings list?

Keep in touch M...
The good thing about GA for me is there is always so much hope in meetings and the recovery program...
Hope you can get there...
In recovery...
mscales1983 Wrote:well just thought i would do a quick update it is now 6 days since i have gambled but yesterday was the hardest day off them all it was the first day where i was off work and had money i managed to get through the day but i just replaced it with playing some computer games is this a bad way off doing it cause i dont want to lead myself down the wrong track thanks for your advice in advance matt x

Thanks for the update...

Management of the problem is useful for me, but its no substitute to dealing with the issue - and that's compulsive gambling...

The good thing about GA meetings Matt is they are so supportive as well as being non judgmental..after all we've all been in the gambling situation ourselves...

Keep being positive though...6 days is fabulous....Keep appreciating the day Matt...

Let us know how ur GA meetings as going?

In unity
mscales1983 Wrote:thanks for the reply smartie was going to go for my first meeting tonight but couldnt actually find the place in ipswich abit confused cause i thought i was at the right place do anyone know if the one in ipswich is actually on it says on the website it is on a tuesday at fonnereau road would love someone to tell me if there actually is one. if not i need to find a plan b

I found it by looking online... address is accurate...

Maybe have a look for it how I for the Friends Meeting House in Ipswich online... ?

Maybe give yourself plenty of time to find the place next week or do a dry run before then?

Up to you M, but i'd stick with plan a...

All the best
mscales1983 Wrote:do i really need to go (to meetings) or can i get enough help online can i have some people views

Welcome back Matt,

This chat room was set up by GA to help new members get to the help they need. GA meetings and more specifically the GA recovery program offered me hope of a new life....

Ultimately though I ask myself the same question each day...To what lengths am I willing to go to recover from this addiction?

I wish you the best in your decision Matt...

Keep in touch...


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