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what happens at the meetings?
Hi regretful,

Essentially meetings are compulsive gamblers helping other compulsive gamblers to stop gambling using a simple programme to the best of their ability...

More details of this are on the New to GA tab on the main GA page...

I wish you the best and hope you get to the help available in GA...

Smartie xxx
I often wonder whether people go to GA in the end...

Sadly history probably says no...but maybe they hear the chime of when their ready...GA still has a seat ready for them...

Smartie xx
What happens in meetings?

If someone told me what happened in meetings before I went, however positive the answer might have been, the way I was thinking at the time (while in the grips of addiction) I would have found an excuse not to go and talk myself out of it.

Whether there was good or bad things waiting for me in meetings I HAD to go, so the less information I had was probably for the best. Looking back though, the main thing that was waiting for me in a GA meeting was hope, there was hope and guidance for me to have a better life without gambling. Sure I had pre-conceptions of what the meetings were all about, most of them I might add were all wrong. In truth I was givem a very warm welcome and made to fell right at home, it was not uncomfortable at all.

There have been some great responses to your initial post so far, very valid ones which I advise you take heed of. In regards to the embarrassment of telling others, my mind told me that too. Compulsive gambling is an illness just like any other addiction, I certainly didn't ask for it, so why would I be embarrassed. If you got cancer would you be ashamed to tell others? How I see it, my true friends and close family members will stick by me no matter what, if they don't then I really don't need to have people like that in my life anyway. If you told those close to you that you have a problem with addiction but you are turning your life around and doing something about, do you really think they would dis-own you? The chances are they would be proud that you are doing something about it and they would respect the fact that you were honest enough to confide in them.

The reason why I say this is, not just because that was the reaction of those around me when I told them about my illness, but literally hundreds of other compulsive gamblers who I have witnessed go through the same predicament. I truly believe the only reason why I never wanted to tell others in the first pace was admittance. Once I told them there was no going back, I could not hide any more. My secret would have been out then I really would have to stop! I told myself I would stop near enough daily but there is that old saying "actions speak louder than words" and my words meant for nothing (probably because half the time I was lying to myself and others). For me to stop I had to take action and I did. I went straight away to my nearest GA meeting, I told everyone about my problem.

Today I am proud to admit that I am a compulsive gambler in recovery. What I have learnt about my addiction, myself and human nature in general is priceless. I have equipped myself with knowledge that most people (even non-addicts) will never learn, I am a different man, I am a better man!

Big Dave (Eastcote/Uxbridge)
bumping this up as its a question i hear asked a lot...

hope it helps..

Smartie xx
To provide the answer for those asking the question....

Hope it helps...

Smartie xx

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