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Hi Andy

andy Wrote:do I or dont I?

In answer to your question, I think you already know what others on this forum with say.

I could sit here and write 'think of all the heartache and sorrow you have put yourself through while gambling', 'think of the consequences', etc, etc, blah, blah, blah. Words from others to talk you out of not doing what sounds like you have already set your mind to. I personally don't think that anyone here will change what you are going to do Andy.

I am not going to try but, I will say, if you do go and gamble, the only person who has the horrible job of picking up the pieces is you. Can you go through that all again?!

Go back to meetings Andy and get your life back!

Big Dave (Eastcote/Uxbridge)
andy Wrote:I didnt bet,nor was I really even tempted today,I dont even really care or have any interest in it really.
Even if I had the money,which I dont,it wont make me happy.I have never felt as low and suicidal as this.To be honest there really is nothing left in this life even if I try and look past gambling.There is nothing and I dont want to go to any meetings,I cant face them.
I cant get my life back its actually over and the best years are gone and will never return now.
I could quite happily call it a day now as there is nothing in life that gives me any enthusiasm any more.Good luck.

As I'm reminded every day GA can only help me if I accept the help...
It took me years to get to GA meetings and even longer till i was ready to start working the recovery programme.
That being said I remember my gambling days clearly and I hope I never forget them...but I have worked hard to forgive myself and stick with the programme that has saved my life.


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