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hi my name is ali this is my first time to the site and first time admitting i have a gambling problem i am 22 and been gambling since i was 12 and over the years it has got worse and worse and too day was a real eye opener to ma problem because me and the misses have been putting money away for when i get out the army and for are son on the way and she has kept the key but i got a spare and have been taking money out and gambling and today i took some money out and lost it then went back to the house and got more money and lost it then i was so angry that i lost it and went back to the house and took the rest out the tin then went to the bookies again and lost and then i started feeling realy sick and was nearly ready to pass out so got out the bookies and went home put nearly half the money back in the tin and that is now y i am here coz i was looking for gambling anonymous and came across this and joined and read a couple of other people statments and people said the best thing is but hardest is to tell ur partner everything so i did and she was just staring at me thinking i was joking coz she didnt think my gambling was a problem i feel a bit better after telling her but feel like hell coz i have pritty much stole from her and i hate gambling but just cant stop
Hi Ali,

Well done for coming on here... This site is like a meet and greet area helping you to find the help in GA...Hopefully having made one step you'll make the next one..

Have you read the 'new to ga' link on the main ga page?........... explains about ga and how it can help?

You can locate your nearest GA meeting on the main webpage....

Any questions feel free to ask...

Smartie xx
no not yet but will do thanks

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