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why should i even go?
Hi sucre.

The process that takes a person from gambling despair to having the desperate desire to stop gambling ,then on to actually throwing everything into stopping, can often be a painful one. Self pity can often lead us back to the 'comforting' escape of gambling.

It is heard of, very often, that many people who cease going to meetings often go back to gambling. I for one do not test myself in this way. You said it yourself, while you were active in the Fellowship you stayed of gambling. Whatever country you're in, if you put the same effort in, the outcome should be the same.

I am only too aware that I have an addiction that can very easily manipulate my thoughts and make me react in an abnormal way to most things that life throws at me. You mentioned there that you didn't think anyone in the meeting cared about you, I can guarantee you you're wrong. For sure, not everyone is going to be able to offer you the same amount of support, as everyone is in their own recovery. Granted there will be members who will not care and are only out to for themselves but I think you will find that many of these people have not been around the Fellowship very long.

I would not be sitting here today writing this if there was no caring in GA. The fact that I am commenting on your post should say something and I am quite sure I will not be the only one.

You can do it mate. Just believe in yourself. I know you probably feel like the whole world is against you but I assure you there are many others in the same boat as you, I was once. I am not saying that everything is perfect for me today but my perception of life and how I cope with it has changed a great deal. It can be the same for you.

Get yourself back to meetings and keep going. Allow yourself to be part of the Fellowship.

Big Dave (Eastcote/Uxbridge)
Why do I go to GA?

I go to GA to work hard on my own recovery, but equally important I go to help others who helped me.
GA is a fellowship that saves my life every day, but I know I need to put the effort in too..

Strange programme helping others I help myself...amazing thing is it works...

Hope you make the right choice

Smartie xx

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