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My Story
Hello Boabswanny

Have you read the 'new to ga' link on the main ga page?........... explains about ga and how it can help?

Great thing is there is loads of help in GA

Masses of it...

Maybe check out your nearest GA meeting and as long as you have a desire to stop gambling, simply turn up...easy as that...

Well any questions feel free to ask...

Smartie xx

Don't let working away from home stop you from going to a GA meeting. If you have a free evening and there is a meeting nearby just go! After all, and I can only speak for myself, when I am in an alien environment I am at my weakest as nobody knows me and I am more prone to have a bet.

If you are desperate for help then don't let anything get in your way. This addiction illness we have has a sneaky way of coming up with the strangest of excuses why we can't do things that go against it.

Don't give any more of your precious life away to this addiction.

Big Dave
Hello again.

I understand where you are coming from. I gambled for nearly 25 years of my life and have the same determination to not waste any more of it on this damn addiction.

The only way I could do it was with the guidance of GA and, nearly 8 years on, I still haven't gambled. I have not gone a week without a meeting for over 7 years. There is no coincidence that I haven't bet.

There are GA meetings all around the world, not just in the UK. And, fortunately, if there is no meeting close by, there is a weekly meeting in the chatroom at 9pm every Thursday evening. So there is no excuse for me.

Big Dave

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