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Gambling and my Obsession
BigDave Wrote:I am surprised you still have an obsession to gamble after ten years smiler. My recovery has taught me a great deal about how I tick and I am constantly understanding more about my illness.

Gambling was never my problem, the way I did it was (compulsively). In my experience, although I have met many compulsive gamblers who suffer from OCD, I don't believe there's a much larger ratio than anyone other sector of society.

Big Dave (Uxbridge/Eastcote)

I'm more than 10 years in recovery...and yes there are times when this addiction / obsession / whatever it is comes a'calling for me...

However because I work the program daily....put my tools in place and keep vigilant, i give myself the best chance possible of a better life...

Give recovery time Smiler....if it takes a lifetime is that such a bad thing?
In unity
Smartie xx

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