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Had enough
Eveything you say makes perfect sense and i am trying hard.i do want to change more than anything.i admit i have a problem and thats step one.when i say i would love to attend a meeting thats the honest truth but i dont drive and public transport is not a viable option,my nearest meeting is 40-50 miles away and as a 30 year old woman wouldnt want to be out alone of an evening in a strange town.a positive step would be to find a support group-there maybe one in the next town.i can keep myself busy,change my habits,be grateful for what i have and take every day one at a time.we do have angels watching over us,if we didnt we prb wouldnt be here today and evey night i say thanks for what we have been given.thanks for the advice,it helps to hear from others who have been there,i am a great believer in the man up approach-sometimes its what we need.any other words of wisdom pass them my way!!

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