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Y cant i stop
Well done on making a decision to stop, Alex.

You say you 'just don't dare to go to a meeting'- can I suggest that meetings will be your best bet to stop this compulsive behaviour, and if you feel any fear about attending, it is entirely misplaced.

A G.A. meeting is attended by people who share the same problem as you- they cannot, or could not stop gambling. Some of these people will have gambled recently, like you, and some will have stopped for months, years or decades. Either way, G.A. is not a place you will be judged- for entirely that reason- and the people there will possibly be the only people who really understand your problem- because they are there, or have been there themselves.

You do not have to talk at a G.A. meeting if you do not want to, and no-one will force you to.

And finally, what have you got to lose by attending a meeting? If you don't like it, just don't go again- but don't pass up on the chance to really help you stop gambling, just because you are afraid to walk through the door.

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