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trying to stay clean
Thanks for all your comments and offers.I have taken on board all your information and I accept that I will always be a compulsive gambler.As for the financial side of things I dont care any more ive sunk and its only a matter of time before Im oput on the street when ive lost another house.The pressure of the financial stress is too much and I resign to just giving it all up.I just want a normal life with no money and no worries and some kind of happiness.Im never going to find it here,so for today I dont even know what to do any more.I will probably end up gambling today because I have time,and ive already lost a fortune this week so I dont care any more its all gone,whatever I can lay my hands on I will and go and blow it,and escape in to my dream world.Dont care any more.
know what ur sayin andy an feel ur pain im 26 and after picking up my weekly giro i performed the weekly tradition off roulette wat really hacks me off is i got up to double on the 1st roulette machine and after wisely collecting the winning made the mistake off playing another machiene within 5 mins i was doin my last pound repeat spin but wats mad is lately i expect to lose and jus see been skint for the upcoming week as normal im soon 2 be evicted owe cash out 2 a few freinds only 20 pounds here an there but my hole live nowadays revolves around payin people i owe an tryin 2 raise the cash for them evrywere i look i see teenagers driving nice cars an getin properys even local junkies seem 2 have a better adiction than mine life does seem so bad after been robed again !!!!!!
hi andy, i'm kinnor and i'm a compulsive gambler;
Like you, i try to stop gambling, i stay clean for six or seven days but always i finish to gambling again.
I lost all my savings and i depress but once again i say me: ENOUGH, stop definitely now!!!! i can do it, i know with the GA forum help, yours advices(specially, you, roy dave.....) i can do it!!!!
I hope you are better and you stay clean and don't forget you are not alone

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