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lonely xmas day.
Hi Andy, Good for you having 220 days up. Christmas can be a lonely time for us CG's, sometimes no longer having family or friends that we can share it with. Isolation is one of our defects and it has taken me a long time to feel comfortable around 'normal' people again, but just remember that we are not bad people just that we have a very bad illness. Meetings do help Andy as you well aware know. I call the people at GA my family and have made some good friends there, that's where we need to plant ourselves. I also hate gambling and also know that if I go back I have only one option left and that's death been to the other two places (prison and insanity). I realize it's pretty cold in UK at the moment but am sure you could 'rug' up and go for a long walk or into a Church just to give thanks for your 220 days of recovery. I try and think of the people in other Countries who are suffering from starvation, lack of good drinking water and a roof over their heads and without any hope and give thanks.
Kind regards Andy

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